Expo Milan, 2015: «Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life»


On April 28, 1906, Milan hosted the first International Exposition focused on the theme of transportation system. After one century, Milan has been chosen again to host the Universal Expo 2015, an event that will turn the attention of the entire world to Italy. From May 1st to October 31st , 2015, for almost 200 days, the Expo will host more than 130 participants with an exhibition site of one million square meters. Expo Milano 2015 is a distinctive and innovative non-commercial Universal Exposition born to be a real process characterized by the active participation of a large number of players around the central theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Born to be a sustainable, technological, thematic process, the Expo 2015 has the main purpose to strictly focus the attention on its 20 million expected visitors, which will be the real actors of the manifestation. The event will allow visitors to enjoy “A journey of tastes” with a focus on the problem of nutrition. Expo Milano 2015 is the first Exposition willing to deliver a contribution towards education on food and the valuable resources of the planet. A dialogue between international players on the relevant topic of nutrition at worldwide level is ensured with a spotlight mainly on food production techniques coming from two interconnected elements: traditional cultural values and the use of new technologies. The final challenge is to envisage new ways to improve the technique used by now. Milan is a town in evolution waiting for this Universal event. Why Milan? Milan has been chosen thanks to its geographic strategic position which has always made the town a tourist attraction and an important cultural center. Milan as the heart of the Italian economy, the shopping capital, one of the best medical research center and the heart of the Italian sport competition. Several are the Expo Milan 2015 ambassadors constituting an international network of opinion leaders ready to spread the main values around the central theme of the Exposition. All these people have the same willing to live in first person, interpret and spread the message of event. The Expo Milano 2015 is not a local event closed into the geographical boundaries of Italy but, the link with the digital technologies has allow the Exposition to practically become an Universal phenomenon introducing Milan into the era of the Smart City. In fact, Expo will take part of the three major trade fairs in the sector: Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, Smart City Exhibition in Bologna, and Smart City Expo in Barcelona. There are many opportunities for young people to actively partecipate to the organization of the event in light to make this world better. Many projects, global official partners, opportunities and innovations. The aim, at worldwide level, is to take the best out of this amazing project, capitalizing on it!

Alessia Ricci

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